CSO Crew Agency

CSO Crew Agency

CSO Crew offers tailor made placements for all crew needs

CSO Crew offers a crew recruitment service based on first hand experience and extensive knowledge of the yachting industry, this is our strength!  At CSO Crew we have a clear understanding of the needs of the yachting industry and we know from experience what crew life is like onboard yachts, with this valuable knowledge we are better able to assess each crew candidate's suitability for the position offered onboard your yacht.  

We undergoing MLC Accreditation (Sept '14) and have put in place proper placement procedures to offer a thorough and structured service giving you absolute peace of mind.

Our crew recruitment division is headed by Sarah Piggin, who has spent her life in yachting.  Born to a couple of yachtsmen who owned one of the first charter boats in the South of France, she was stewardess and Chief Stewardess on large motor yachts both private and charter over a 10 year period and worked as a yacht charter broker for over a decade.

We privilege face to face, indepth and professional interviews and spending time with each crew candidate to build a rapport and be able to properly assess their personality and their skill sets.  We make sure that we know what the job being offered involves and also very importantly the conditions and dynamic onboard the yacht in order to make sure that we select candidates that will fit in.  Therefore we won't waste your time by inundating you with the CVs of unsuitable candidates and we won't waste the crew candidates' time by proposing them for jobs which they are not suited to.

Our motto is to offer a professional and caring crew recruitment service based on quality not quantity.



  • I found CSO Crew, especially Sarah a delight to have on my side acting in a very professional manner, helping, advising and getting me the interview I needed to break into the industy when others didn't even try.  I would highly recommend them.
  • Thank you so much for a great interview.  I have never had such an amazing and professional meeting with so much detailed attention to my CV.


* CSO CREW is a Lloyd's Register MLC 2006 compliant company (Cert No. 1400278)


* French National Registration Number GM1-120